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  • Moving on, forward and beyond.

    I saw this graphic on Facebook today. While funny, I returned to it a couple of times because it reminded me of what the last 1.5 years have been like at my recent job.  I won’t mention names, or even locations, but the constant dishonesty and struggle to do right in the face unethical behavior made me feel constantly beat-up and even worse I arrived at a place where I was continually was second guessing myself.

    It’s been less than two weeks of rest and packing and I feel 100% sure I have made the right choice in resigning that job. Simply put, those folks at that place were not my tribe, not people with the same intention that I have for life, for community and for myself.  So for the first time since I was 12, I have no job, but I do have one starting October 1 in downtown Seattle.  Again, I won’t name the employer, or write about it here. Instead I’ll share the process of moving and unwinding what is 24 years in my (not quite originally) home town.

    I moved to this town in 1991 to go to university to become a school teacher. I have been a school teacher, a business owner, healthcare admin and an active member of this community ever since (with a small hiatus running about 1995-1997).  I’ve loved living here; the skiing, the people, the safety and the community bring an amazing quality of life. We’ve never locked our bikes out front, never been robbed, never been vandalized and have never felt anything less than safe. Given that I am a fifth generation Arizona native, and my kids are sixth, the move to another city, another state and another region is pretty big for me.  I am not sure what else to say. It is big.

    So, the start-up stuff, the community activity and all the local engagement is going to be wound down. All to make room for a big move; a house to sell, a house to pack, a house to buy, a house to unpack…all logistics to be handled day to day. Right now I am not too worried, but instead much more excited about the change, the new life and the new work.


  • 2.0 +

    I’ve decided to do a couple new things this week.

    I enjoy trying new things. That’s a pretty trite thing to say, but it is true.  As an autodidact,  I consistently feel compelled to learn new things. From orbital physics to machine learning, I am always exploring new thinking and the way these new data points fit within the schema of my own brain. But, whatever.

    Here’s what I’ve decided to do:

    1. Start journaling again. It’s been a long time and I miss it. I recently came across my writing from ages ago (thanks unforgetting mind of the internet!) and while it was somewhat embarrassing and cringe-worthy, I found it revelatory to read about myself form a time in my life where I was a totally different person than I am now. More on that later, I am sure.

    2. Participate in a Start-Up Foundations course hosted by our local business accelerator.  I joined a start-up about six months ago. Being a part of startup has been iincredibly challenging process mainly because it is so far from my standard role in business where I develop new products and solutions within existing business and organizations. At first I really did think that my skills would translate 1:1. Nope. It is just not the case, the startup world  is much more dynamic and it is a whole lot further from “business development” and starting a small business than I would have known, and honestly, further than I might have wanted it to be. So here I am. Bringing learning to my enthusiasm for our project.

    So- hopefully this blog can help bring together my thoughts on life, healthcare as an industry (I wont talk about my employer, ever), startups, tinkering and whatever else.