It has been a long and mostly non-stop six weeks.

Sell a house, buy a house, move a house and now…finally, somehow, travel. Travel to the new house. ┬áSo here I am writing in a hotel room somewhere in Portland while the kids are downstairs swimming in the indoor pool. (I’d be there too but hotel policy dictates I remain in the room with the dog…)

I was struck during the drive as the kids played games and goofed off in the backseat. When I asked L how far he thought the trip was before we left, he said “Not this far.” That was in Central California. After a long day of driving, I gave him the miles we covered and he already knew the hours. He then mentally tallied the actual trip distance and was surprised it was so far. And it is. So, very, far.

Far from the home and life we knew . Far from the people we know. Fascinating how everyone over the last weeks has been so supportive and many mystified by this sudden move. I haven’t even had a chance to sit back and observe it. Only enough time to just ‘do it’.

So, one day more and we get keys.